January 13th-14th, 2018. Cost: 500zl full price, 250zl early bird. Workshop language: English & Polish

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Playfighting is energetic, dynamic, honest and liberating. We invite you to join us for a weekend of exploring the basics of Playfighting – there will be lots of exercises, lots of laughter, lots of power, and lots of fun!

What is Playfighting?

Playfighting retains the qualities of energy and dynamism without the destructive aspects of real fighting – and adds fun and joy.
Imagine puppies fighting playfully and you have a good idea of what playfighting is all about. It’s not about winning or losing and going against each other. It’s about having fun with each other. It involves laughing a lot and can be wonderfully wild and deliciously sexy.

Playfighting allows us to feel our strength and our partner’s strength, to feel our physicality in a uniquely exhilarating way. Playfights open up a safe space for us to experience issues, situations and feelings that we might otherwise not look at. In doing so we discover delightful new ways to relate to each other.

Playfights don’t always look like wrestling matches, though there’s often plenty of wrestling at this workshop. Scenarios and principles can be cooked up in advance or we might invent the rules together as we go along.

Playfighting is also a brilliant way to get in touch with your boundaries and to articulate them. In this space, we will work with consent and look at how to say no powerfully, how to say yes powerfully, and how to speak up for our wants, needs, and desires.

Like pillow fights, playfights may include objects. They can be very sensuous and even sexy. Over this weekend, Agata and Sarah will create a cosy and friendly atmosphere and give extensive safety guidlines to inspire you to fight playfully and enjoy!

Practical information:

Playfighting is open to individuals, couples and poly groups of all genders and orientations. You do not need to come with a partner. You don’t need any prior experience in BDSM or conscious sexuality to attend. You don’t need martial arts experience to attend – you just need to be fit enough to engage in everyday physical activity.

We recommend bringing soft knee- and elbow-pads, or at least clothing that covers your knees and elbows (in order to avoid rugburn). Workshop language Polish & English

About Agata & Sarah

Dr. Agata Loewe is an experienced space holder, in addition to being a practicing Muay Thai fighter and an advocate for body positivity and conscious sexuality. She has many years of experience as a practicing therapist and is an avid and enthusiastic Playfighter.

Sarah Martin is a Certified Sex Coach with a passion for teaching consent as a tool for developing personal power. She is an experience event facilitator and entertainer, and has a deep passion for Playfighting.

Agata and Sarah learned the art of Playfighting from Frank – a German martial arts master and Sheila – an Austrian dance and shiatsu expert.

You can learn more about Frank and Sheila at their website:

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